World’s first liquid-fueled rocket launched into space

Admin May 08, 2021


The Virgin Orbit space agency was able to launch a liquid fuel rocket into space for the first time in the world, making a great mark in world history.

LauncherOne, a roc ...

Xiaomi launches Air Charge technology

Admin May 08, 2021

Xiaomi today unveiled its latest wireless charging technology, Mi Air Charge Technology.

They point out that with this technology it is possible to charge several devices simultaneously, ...

Navy seizes stock of Kerala cannabis worth over Rs. 70 million

Admin May 08, 2021

Naval patrols conducted in northwestern and western waters of the island on 07th May 2021, led to the seizure of over 235kg of Kerala cannabis and about 522kg of onion seeds, attempted ...

30 expectant mothers infected with COVID; two in critical condition

Admin May 08, 2021

More than 100 expectant mothers who contracted COVID-19 are currently receiving treatment at hospitals, the Family Health Bureau said on Saturday (May 08).

Of the 130 exp ...

COVID-19: Sinopharm jab to Sri Lankans starting today (08)

Admin May 08, 2021

The administration of China’s Sinopharm COVID-19 vaccine to Sri Lankans will commence at the Panadura MOH Office on Saturday afternoon (May 08), the State Ministry of Production, Supp ...

Indian COVID-19 variant detected for the first time in Sri Lanka

Admin May 08, 2021

A COVID-19 patient with Indian Variant was detected from a Quarantine facility in Sri Lanka for the first time, said Dr. Chandima Jeewandara, the Director of the Department of Immunology and Molecu ...

Spotify officially announces HiFi stream service at Stream On event

Admin May 08, 2021


Spotify HiFi Service is reportedly preparing to introduce CD-Quality Audio for music streaming. It also supports Smart Speakers.

Although no official date has been set fo ...